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At UIUC, we're dedicated to the professional development of our members and the furthering of their overall knowledge of nuclear sciences regarding legislation, community outreach, and engineering.

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Members of the Month
  • March 2024

    Mia Sawkiw

    Congratulations to Mia Sawkiw for being our March's member of the month! Mia is from Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently interested in pursuing either power or plasma. Mia has been participating in UCRT working on the Fusor project. Mia will also be going to the ANS student conference this year to present on her experience building the Fusor!

  • February 2024

    Owen Strong

    Congratulations to Owen Strong for being February's Member of the Month! Owen is a freshman in NPRE. Owen is currently in the power concentration; he has been interested in nuclear power since he was young. Owen believes that he can make a positive impact on the community through nuclear engineering. This semester, he has all general and outreach meetings. Owen has also been participating heavily with UCRT, working on the model reactor.

  • November 2023

    Arnav Goyal

    Arnav is a freshman in NPRE; he moved to Illinois from Colorado three years ago. Arnav is currently in the plasma and fusion science track; he is interested in nuclear because it is stem-heavy and believes it can help the world. During this semester, he has been attending general and outreach meetings alongside participating in UCRT. In UCRT, he has been working on the model reactor and cloud chamber and is excited about EOH.

  • October 2023

    Adam Rousseau

    Congratulations to Adam Rousseau for being ANS October Member of the Month! Adam is a Freshman in NPRE from Aurora IL and is leaning towards the Plasma concentration. Adam is pursuing a career in NPRE because he thinks that Nuclear is going to be an important tool for a net zero future. He is also interested in plasma and its applications to better the world. In October, Adam attended several meetings and participated a lot in NSW!

  • September 2023

    Jack Gerrity

    Congratulations to Jack Gerrity for being selected as September's Member of the Month! Jack is a freshman in NPRE from Naperville, IL. Jack is currently in the plasma and fusion science concentration with plans to double major in physics. Jack is pursuing a career in nuclear to help develop new methods of producing clean energy to fight climate change. In September, Jack attended two general meetings and several UCRT where he has been working on the Fusor.

  • April 2023

    Nick Norman

    Congratulations to Nick Norman for being selected as the April Member of the Month! Nick is a freshman in NPRE from St. Louis, MO and is interested in the plasma concentration because of the potential of fusion energy. In April, Nick volunteered at EOH, attended the ANS Student Conference, and was elected as secretary for next year!

Members of the Month

  • Mia Sawkiw March 2024
  • Owen Strong February 2024
  • Arnav Goyal November 2023
  • Adam Rousseau October 2023
  • Jack Gerrity September 2023
  • Nick Norman April 2023
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Contact Us

If you are unsure of who to contact, feel free to email with general questions, comments, or concerns.

Jake Mitstifer - President

Jake is a senior in NPRE with a Power concentration and is getting a minor in political science. He currently works with the SoTeRiA Research Laboratory to help develop PRA methodology and interned at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission over the summer. He is also the ANS Student Section Committee’s website sub-chair. In his free time, he enjoys bouldering, playing board games, video games, and D&D with his friends.

Riley Trendler - Internal Vice President

Riley is a junior in NPRE with a concentration in Plasma and Fusion. He works at the Center for Plasma Material Interactions, where he is involved in research with liquid lithium plasma-facing components. He also works virtually with Oak Ridge National Laboratory on the Material Plasma Exposure Experiment. In his free time, Riley enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to The Weeknd, playing violin, and climbing things.

Harrison Brosius - External Vice President

Harrison is a junior in NPRE who is seeking to pursue the Plasma and Fusion Sciences track. With Professor Mohan Sankaran from the SPEC Lab, Harrison conducts research on the reduction of iron oxides using an atmospheric-pressure microwave plasma device. Outside of school, Harrison enjoys skateboarding, playing the bass clarinet, and thrifting!

Rhys Macmillan - Treasurer

Rhys is a sophomore in the Power concentration of NPRE. He is starting research on advanced reactors and fuel cycles under Madicken Munk this year. Outside of school, Rhys enjoys playing rugby, gardening, and climbing rocks and trees.

Nick Norman - Secretary

Nick is a sophomore in NPRE with a concentration in Plasma. He works at the Center for Plasma Material Interaction doing liquid lithium research under the general fusion group. Nick enjoys hanging out with friends, working out, and gaming in his free time.

Piper Fernau - Outreach

Piper is a sophomore in NPRE with a concentration in Plasma and Fusion. Piper conducts research in the SPEC Lab group with Professor Mohan Sankaran. Her research is focused on PFAS degradation by plasma and electrochemical methods. Outside of ANS, Piper is the content chair for Women in Nuclear and a Women in Engineering mentor. She enjoys embroidering, spending time with her friends, and thrifting.

Davin Hess - Public Relations

Davin is a Junior from Maryland in the NPRE department concentrating on Power, Safety, and the Environment with a minor in Computer Science. He has spent time researching at both the Center for Plasma-Materials Interactions Lab and the Illinois Plasma Institute. Outside of school, he has spent internships at X-Energy and resto-modding classic cars. He also enjoys playing soccer, skiing, rock climbing, and cooking.

Ethan Nicolls - Social Chair

Ethan is an NPRE junior in the power concentration. He participates in research at the Multiphase Thermo-fluid Dynamics Laboratory. He recently completed an internship at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station where he worked with the Reload Analysis group within Nuclear Fuels. In his free time, Ethan enjoys playing water polo, going on road trips with his team, and hanging out with friends.