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Nuclear Energy for a Better Climate - American Nuclear Society, University of Illinois

Our Mission

Illinois is currently faced with losing a serious percentage of it’s non-carbon emitting energy. Environmental Progress and Illinois environmental activists alike are concerned with the state of reducing our carbon emissions. Consequently they are concerned with the state of losing one of our largest sources of non-carbon emitting electricity, Nuclear Power, with the possible closures of two power plants in Illinois (Clinton & Quad Cities). Renewables in Illinois supply, roughly, 4 percent of the total energy in the state, and with these closures there are no plans for these plants to be replaced by renewables.

Clinton and Quad Cities, only two power plants, supply roughly 12% of the total energy consumed in Illinois. If Illinois is to meet its carbon reduction standards by 2030, nuclear needs to be a part of the solution, because this loss would be the equivalent of adding an additional two million cars to the road. We want to push that nuclear be treated equally to renewables and not be replaced by fossil fuel energy competitors. Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions, and create a viable and diverse energy portfolio without the use of Coal or Natural Gas.

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