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At UIUC, we're dedicated to the professional development of our members and the furthering of their overall knowledge of nuclear sciences regarding legislation, community outreach, and engineering.

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This calendar is continually updated and contains dates for all confirmed ANS events, deadlines, and more. Interact with the calendar to find details on the location, time, and date of events. If you would like to suggest an event to host or for ANS to participate in, feel free to reach out to us!

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Members of the Month
  • November 2019

    Nathan Ryan

    Nathan is a freshman in Specialized Physics from Tinley Park, Illinois. In November he attended both of our outreach meetings and our general meeting. He even video-called into our student conference planning meeting while he was on his way home for break! Nathan has been very active in our ANS chapter since the beginning of the year.

  • October 2019

    Josh Hoffman

    Josh is a freshman in NPRE from Mechanicsville, Maryland. In October, Josh attended every general meeting as well as the outreach meeting, and resume review. He also volunteered at our Nuclear Science Week booth for over 4 hours, attended Dr. Kaminski's talk, and went with us on the Curtis Orchard trip.

  • September 2019

    Gavin Davis

    Gavin attended both of the general meetings this month, ran for social chair, and participated in iHelp where we collected seeds to help with prairie restoration at the local nature preserve. He also was very active in our ANS chapter last year, winning Member of the Month for March 2019.

  • April 2019

    Katie Butler

    Katie showed outstanding attendance at General Meetings in April, and played a crucial role in transportation to and from the ANS Student Conference. Katie stepped up to help organize the buses, and devoted a lot of her time to driving her bus to Virginia and back.

  • March 2019

    Gavin Davis

    Gavin played a big role in the preparation of the ANS Engineering Open House exhibit, and volunteered to work the exhibit for many hours throughout the weekend. He has also attended the Holy Cross Merit Badge event, and also attended professional events such as Argonne and Fermilab.

  • February 2019

    Stephen Armstong

    Stephen stayed for the full 10 hours during our Boy Scout outreach event, and has been a dedicated member of the Outreach Committee. Stephen is also a frequent attendee of ANS social events and General Meetings.

  • January 2019

    Anna Balla

    Anna attended both the General Meeting and Outreach Committee Meeting in January. She also went to multiple professional events, and stayed behind afterwards to help clean up after one of them.

  • December 2018

    Franklin McDonald

    Franklin was very active in the Outreach Committee, and played a big role in the creation of the powerpoints that were used to present to high school students over winter break.

Members of the Month

  • Nathan Ryan November 2019
  • Josh Hoffman October 2019
  • Katie Butler April 2019
  • Gavin Davis March 2019, September 2019
  • Stephen Armstrong February 2019
  • Anna Balla January 2019
  • Franklin McDonald December 2018
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Presenting the 2019 - 2020 Executive Board

Contact Us

If you are unsure of who to contact, feel free to email with general questions, comments, or concerns.

Katie Butler - President

Katie is a senior in the Plasma and Fusion Sciences concentration. She is a research assistant at the Center for Plasma Material Interactions where she works with plasmas and liquid metals, and TAs for NPRE 101 in the spring. Outside of ANS, Katie is a member of the trombone section in the Marching Illini! She enjoys music of (almost) all kinds, soccer, watching Netflix, and Hallmark movies. If you’re looking for some good dad jokes, Katie’s the girl for the job ;)

Dario Panici - Internal Vice President

Dario Panici is a senior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration, and is also pursuing a minor in Physics. He is interested in computational research in plasmas, especially anything relating to fusion research such as modelling plasmas in fusion systems. Outside of ANS, Dario is a research assistant at the Laboratory of Computational Plasma Physics at UIUC, as well as an ELA for ENG 100. When not studying or doing homework, Dario enjoys playing soccer, getting beat by his friends in Super Smash, singing karaoke, and cooking beautiful Italian meals.

Jimmy Shehee - External Vice President

Jimmy is a junior with a planned concentration in power, safety, and the environment. Jimmy served as Secretary of ANS last year, and is excited to take on a new role as External Vice President. Having interned at Exelon’s Quad Cities Generating Station this past summer, Jimmy is looking to use the position of External Vice President to provide a similar experience to fellow ANS members by organizing tours of industry and research facilities throughout the year. Jimmy is also the President of Illini Venturing, and enjoys cycling, cooking, growing plants, and playing video games.

Stephen Armstrong - Treasurer

Stephen is a sophomore in the NPRE department’s Plasma and Fusion Science and Engineering track. He is also an active member at the Nuclear Radiation Laboratory where he works on a project involving surface deposition by plasma treatment of various materials. Outside of nuclear, Stephen plays the electric bass for a local church group and enjoys playing video games with friends.

Anna Balla - Secretary

Anna is a junior in NPRE with a planned concentration in the power, safety, and the environment. She became interested in nuclear engineering after taking a general education class with an NPRE professor and learning about how effective nuclear power is at reducing carbon emissions. Anna is a teaching assistant for two classes in the NPRE department and is also very involved with the Women in Nuclear chapter at Illinois. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, playing volleyball, and wishing she knew how to juggle.

Dilan Kurukulasuriya - Outreach

Dilan is a sophomore in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration and is pursuing a minor in both Physics and Mathematics. He is interested in materials research dealing with fusion science, and works at the Center for Plasma-Material Interactions lab. Dilan is also the Treasurer of Subatomic Pigeons Improv, and improv comedy RSO on campus. Outside of school work, Dilan enjoys playing Super Smash Bros., spending time with his friends, and walking on his tip-toes.

Alex Fanning - Public Relations

Alex Fanning is currently a senior in the power concentration of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering. She joined NPRE because of her interest in nuclear science and the future of the nuclear industry in the United States. In addition to ANS, she is also a teaching assistant in the NPRE department and volunteered as a mentor for the Women in Engineering (WIE) Freshman Orientation. Outside of class, Alex likes to spend her free time reading books, biking, taking naps, volunteering, and exploring. She enjoys being involved with campus activities and loves being a member of ANS!

Gavin Davis - Social Chair

Gavin is a sophomore in the NPRE department concentrating on Power, Safety, and the Environment. He currently is working under NPRE professor Katy Huff in advanced reactors and reactor facilities. He enjoys making music, photography, video games, and straight vibing on the weekends.