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At UIUC, we're dedicated to the professional development of our members and the furthering of their overall knowledge of nuclear sciences regarding legislation, community outreach, and engineering.

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This calendar is continually updated and contains dates for all confirmed ANS events, deadlines, and more. Interact with the calendar to find details on the location, time, and date of events. If you would like to suggest an event to host or for ANS to participate in, feel free to reach out to us!

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Members of the Month
  • January 2019

    Anna Balla

    Anna attended both the General Meeting and Outreach Committee Meeting in January. She also went to multiple professional events, and stayed behind afterwards to help clean up after one of them.

  • December 2018

    Franklin McDonald

    Franklin was very active in the Outreach Committee, and played a big role in the creation of the powerpoints that were used to present to high school students over winter break.

  • November 2018

    Dilan Kurukulasuriya

    Dilan demonstrated great attendance, enthusiasm, and dedication at many of ANS's events throughout November.

  • October 2018

    Nicholaus Langenfeld

    During Nuclear Science Week, Nick showed excellent attendance at ANS's booth on the quad. Nick also stepped up to be a driver for the Curtis Apple Orchard social.

  • September 2018

    Nathan Reid

    Nate Reid showed initiative and leadership when he stepped up to lead this year’s ANS Student Conference Proposal. He demonstrated leadership during ANS’s trip to Argonne National Labs, and has exhibited great attendance at ANS general meetings.

Members of the Month 2018-2019

  • Anna Balla January 2019
  • Franklin McDonald December 2018
  • Dilan Kurukulasuriya November 2018
  • Nicholaus Langenfeld October 2018
  • Nathan Reid September 2018
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Presenting the 2018 - 2019 Executive Board

Contact Us

If you are unsure of who to contact, feel free to email with general questions, comments, or concerns.

Jacob Tellez - President

Jacob is a senior, studying Nuclear Engineering with a concentration in Power, Safety, and the Environment, and is pursuing a minor in mathematics as well. His interests lie primarily in research surrounding the use of Lie groups to construct differential-difference invariant schemes and applying findings to power generation technology. Jacob enjoys a number of hobbies outside of school such as rollerblading, hiking, mountain biking, and playing Pokemon GO. Most of all, he is excited to see the ANS chapter thrive in the upcoming months.

Dario Panici - Internal Vice President

Dario Panici is a junior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration, and is also pursuing a minor in Physics. He is interested in computational research in plasmas, especially anything relating to fusion research such as modelling plasmas in fusion systems. Dario was in London studying abroad in the during the fall semester, but is excited to be back at UIUC this spring and take over the Internal Vice Presidency from Katie. Outside of ANS, Dario is a teaching assistant for the plasma and fusion science course NPRE 421. When not studying or doing homework, Dario enjoys playing soccer, getting beat by his friends in Super Smash Bros., watching Friends on Netflix, and cooking beautiful Italian meals.

Kelsey Luo - External Vice President

Kelsey Luo is a current junior in the NPRE department’s radiological concentration track. She is also pursuing a mathematics minor and certificates in data science, computational science and engineering, and arms control and domestic and international security. She previously served as the chapter’s Treasurer for the past 3 semesters, but she is now excited to be a bigger part of the organization this year serving as the External Vice President. When not preoccupied with classwork or ANS events, she enjoys playing volleyball, volunteering, and eating all kinds of food.

Maxx Villotti - Treasurer

Maxx is a senior in NPRE focusing on power, safety, and the environment. He is also receiving a certificate in global security through the university’s Arms Control and Domestic and International Security program (ACDIS). Maxx also serves as the vice president of the ACDIS Security Studies Group and is a teaching assistant for the University’s nuclear arms and arms control course. Outside of the nuclear world, Maxx is the president of the Illinois Congressional Debate Society and enjoys reading, lifting, and playing video games.

Jimmy Shehee - Secretary

Jimmy is a sophomore who transferred from Pre-Engineering to NPRE in the spring semester, with a planned concentration in power, safety, and the environment. Jimmy is also the President of Illini Venturing, and is pursuing a minor in leadership studies. In his free time, Jimmy enjoys cycling, camping, and playing video games. His apartment features a variety of plants, and a pet snake.

Isabella Iaccino - Outreach

Isabella Iaccino is a junior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration. She has an interest in surface modification applications of plasmas, and is a member of the Radiation Surface Science and Engineering Lab. Isabella loves teaching children about STEM and leading them through fun activities to engage and educate them. In addition to being the outreach chair of ANS, she is also an Engineering Ambassador for the College of Engineering. In her free time, Isabella likes to wish she had more free time and she watches vine compilations on YouTube. She loves dogs and cheese and anything Star Trek related.

Adam Pichman - Social Chair

Adam is a senior, studying Nuclear Engineering with a concentration in Power, Safety, and the Environment. He is pursuing a minor in business as well. This exceptional young man is not only a vital member of this executive board, but also an active member in his fraternity, Alpha Kappa Lambda. He takes pride in the fact that he works his hardest during the day so that he can retain his social life at night. Adam enjoys working out, dominating his Fantasy Football League, and spending time with his friends and family. Most of all, he is excited to create a more welcoming environment within ANS, instilling life long friendships among all members.

Alex Fanning - Public Relations

Alex Fanning is currently a junior in the power concentration of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering. Inspired by a trip to Argonne National Lab when she was younger, she joined NPRE because of her interest in nuclear science and the future of the nuclear industry in the United States. Outside of class, Alex likes to spend her free time reading books, biking, taking naps, volunteering, and exploring. She really enjoys being involved with campus activities and loves being a member of ANS!

Past Executive Boards

If you're interested in our esteemed Executive Board alumni,